Friday, December 2, 2011

Tony King Memorial Turkey Shoot

We here at Tooters have a long standing tradition. Each year on the day before Thanksgiving we invite our employees, their families, our customers and our vendors to participate in a Golf Outing we call the “Tooters Turkey Shoot”. It is a way to show our gratitude to those who make each year a successful one. One of our long term employees looked forward each year to playing with us. His name was Tony King and we all affectionately called him “Uncle Tony”. He was in his seventies and felt so honored each year to be partnered with our company President John Lingo. A few years ago Uncle Tony lost his battle with cancer. We have now changed the name of our event to the Tony King Memorial Turkey Shoot. This year we had 16 players and a great deal of fun and friendship. We started this outing as we do each year with a “Bloody Mary” toast to Uncle Tony. In the ever changing times that we live in it is very important to show gratitude to those who have made your life what it is today and for those who continue to do so. A very Happy Holiday Season to All!

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Greyhound Victory!

Tooters would like to extend a big congratulations to Dennis Tyler for becoming People's Reader Magazine 2011 Hero of the Year! (Available in stores 10/28/2011). Dennis Tyler and his wife Claire are the founders of the Central Florida Greyhound Pets of America. Since 1996, their efforts and dedication to helping greyhounds become placed in happy homes has grown by leaps and bounds. However, they still face the month to month challenge of raising the amount of funds needed to make this possibility a reality. Through hard work, dedication and many dedicated members of the GPA organization, they have made a substantial difference in the lives of over 7,000 retired racers since 1996. In becoming People Magazine's "Hero of the Year", a $10,000 donation will be made to the charity as well as the increase in national exposure to help spread the good things they are doing. Again, we would like to say thanks for doing all that you do for GPA!!!!

If you would like to reach out to the Greyhound Pets of America organization to see how you can help, please visit their website at
Phone: 321.242.9010

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Tooter Baby Boom of 2011

2011 Has been an exciting year here at Tooters as we would like to recognize these baby miracles that are new to the Tooter family! We are very proud and happy to introduce our growing family that now includes: Baby Norkari, Baby Emma Grace, Baby Makaila, Baby Elisia, Baby Lexi, Baby Tallulah, Baby Cashton and Baby Kade!

       Disclosure - These babies are in no way a result of our product lines. Be sure to party responsibly!
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Halloween Shot Ideas!

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to suggest a few shot ideas that are sure to make any party fun!

Jello Shot Ideas:
Sour Apple - White Grape Jell-O, Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps & Vodka
Fuzzy Naval - Orange Jell-O, Peach Schnapps & Vodka
Grape Crush - Grape Jell-O, Chambord & Vodka

Tooter Shot Ideas:
Monster Mash - Coconut Rum, Light Rum, Dark Rum, Creme de Banana, Pineapple Juice & Grenadine
Caramel Apple - Butterscotch Schnapps and Sour Apple Schnapps
Pumpkin Pie - 2 parts Kahlua, 1 part Bailey's & 1 part Goldschlager

Fun Idea for serving - Carve out a pumpkin, create and insert a liner, fill with ice and stock it with Tooter Shots!

Order your Test Tubes and Jell-O Injectors at
Phone: (321) 631-1005

Monday, October 17, 2011

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

In an effort to help find a cure for breast cancer, Tooters Promotions has put together a campaign in which we will be making a donation to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Foundation based on the amount of new followers that we receive on our facebook page: This campaign will begin on 10/17/2011 with Tooters currently having 42 followers and will end on October 31st, 2011. We will then issue a check to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Foundation for the amount of new followers that we receive for our Facebook page. We need everybody's help in spreading the word not only to increase the donation amount, but to increase breast cancer awareness and to encourage people to get involved in this fight. For information about Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, please visit .

*Maximum donation for this campaign not to exceed $1000

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Tooters Kits Are Here!!!

What better way to get the party started than with our Halloween Test Tube Shots Kits. Please contact us and place your orders by 10/25/2011!

Place your orders at or you can call us @ 321.631.1005

Email us at for more information or if you have any questions.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bubble Pilsner Mania!

Be sure to check out our new line of 22 oz. bubble pilsners. These cups come in all kinds of fun colors and are great for pool bars, outside dining, cruise boats, sports bars and just about anywhere! Our pilsners can be custom printed to include your logo on either one or 2 sides. Fill em with cold beer, soda or iced tea. You customers would love to take one home!
Visit us at to place your order.